'Childhood Kingdom' began as a nostalgic journey back to the Le Pham siblings' childhood in Moscow. Browsing through the old photos of us playing carefree on the fields nearby our childhood home, we suddenly found the dreamy washed-out yellow of the flowers and the pale blue of the summer skies familiar with Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom' setting. From there we immersed ourselves in the director's signature baroque pop fabulist universe, going through his films, each like a self-contained world, each meticulously designed to evoke a melancholic surrealism. 

We hope that the unique floral quilts - simple yet refined, light but also cozy and cheerfully bright although with a tinge of vintage nostalgia - will be just as immersive and transformative as each of Wes Anderson's mesmerisingly symmetrical and polished movie scenes.  

'Moonrise Kingdom' (2012) 


Le Pham archives (2000)